Coconut Chips Chikki

Coconut Chips Chikki is very light to eat and can be served as a sweet.

Coconut, Jaggery, Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Contains Added Flavors.

Nutrition Information (per 100 g*)
Energy 485 kcal
Protein 10 g.
T.C. 64 g.
Sugar 43 g.
Total Fat 21 g.

  Modified hygienic Atmosphere Packing.(50 g.m.     X   20 Pcs = 1 kg  )

  1 kg     X   18 = 18 kgs.

  Each piece is packed in a Food grade Polly Pack (Maintaining the

        original taste & quality of the product until opened) and then in to an outer

        corrugated box with color indications.

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