Dark Magic Chikki

Though Indians use Peanuts in various manners-in spices, oil and many more,it has a special significance for fasting because of its nutritional values and its most popular form is Peanut Chikki. While fasting eating some Peanut Chikki can fulfill your nutritional requirement of the day as well!

Chocolate, Jaggery, Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Contains Added Flavors.

Nutrition Information (per 100 g*)
Energy 485 kcal
Protein 10 g.
T.C. 64 g.
Sugar 43 g.
Total Fat 21 g.

  Modified hygienic Atmosphere Packing.(50 g.m.     X   20 Pcs = 1 kg  )

  1 kg     X   18 = 18 kgs.

  Every piece is packed in a Food grade Polly Pack (Maintaining the original taste &          quality of the product until opened) and then in to an outer corrugated box            with color indications.  

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